Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thompson Family Camping Extravaganza!

My mother-and-father-in-love celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  We celebrated by going on a family camping trip together.  Five days at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama.  It was great.  This wasn't our typical camping trip.  It had to be special.  We schemed for months.  Whispering.  Watching for opportunities to gather info in stealth.  We wanted to have lots of surprises along the way.  I designed a t-shirt and Christy got a great deal on printing them.  Katrina gathered photos from each family and put together a really cool slide show.  Travis borrowed a projector so we could watch the slide show (and movies) on the big screen.  This was so much fun.  We set up a concession stand with popcorn one night.  One night we had coins to use to buy movie candy.  One night we used the projector light to put on a shadow puppet show.  It was hilarious.  I know my kids will talk about that for years to come.  We rode bikes and scooters, played ball, hiked, went to the beach... We even got in a little craft time for missions.  The Thompson's never had to prepare a meal.  Travis did lots of research for our gift... an Add-a-Room for their new camper.  We had special guests that came up for a surprise visit!  (Joe, Marian, Jerry, Nancy, Bonnie and Billy)  The only thing we really wished for was the Hawaii Thompsons.  We really missed them. 


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