Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reed Quotes #11

Me: Reed did you have sweet dreams last night?
Reed: Well I was having a good dream but then Cate woke me up. I wish she didn't wake me up because I wanted to see what happened in my dream. I was eating tomato juice and drinking it too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reed Quotes #10

I heard Reed's voice coming from the bathroom and thought he was telling me something. When I went to investigate I found him sitting on the pot singing one of his new color word songs... B-R-O-W-N (to the tune of BINGO). From the smell I would say he chose the right color song.

Introducing.....Cate's Quotes!

Cate: Mom did you know I'm allergic to wigs?
Me: Did you say wigs?
Cate: Yes. Remember when we were at the shoe store and we saw the wig? I stared at it a long time and then I kept sneezing! So I'm allergic to wigs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reed Quotes #9

We had heard about a martial arts class at the local church and wanted to see how Cate and Reed liked it. I tried to call the guy in charge but didn't hear back from him so on the night of the first class I told the kids we were going to check it out. Right before we left the guy called and told me that they no longer take 5 year olds in the class. When I told Reed we couldn't go to the class he said in his sad whiny voice, "Oh no. I wanted to break some bricks." I guess he thought that's all they do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just looking at old pics of my sweeties

Jelly Beans and Chopsticks

We had fun during "Girls Weekend" catching Jelly Belly's with Chopsticks. Cate got pretty good at it. Mommy/Daughter time so sweet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventure Science Center & Plantetarium

We had a fun Labor Day at the Adventure Science Center. Even went to the Sudekum Planetarium to see the Skies Over Nashville.

We bought a membership pass back in March but this was the first time we noticed the bees. If you ever go to the ASC don't miss the honey bees. They are tucked away around a corner by some upstairs bathrooms. I think this was everyone's favorite thing. There's a tube that comes in through the wall so the bees can come and go as they please. There's a mirror outside the window so you can look at the bees outside too. This was so cool. We were looking at all the bees when Reed said, "Oh there's one with the number 17 on it. I'm going to call him Matt Kenseth." (Kenseth is drives the #17 car in NASCAR.) We all thought to ourselves, "Reed's using his imagination again." Then we looked closer and there really was a sticker on a bee with the number 17. That's how you know which one is the queen. We all had a good laugh about that.

The star show lasted about an hour. We all had to re-adjust to the sun being up when we came out of the planetarium. Reed said, "I guess we need to go somewhere to eat breakfast since we were in there all night."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girls Weekend

Wes and Reed went to a Braves game in Atlanta and spent two nights at Nanna and Grandpa's. Cate and I made the most of our girls weekend. Friday night we picked up Chinese takeout. Yummy! We watched Nims Island. Pretty good movie. For dessert we fished Jelly Belly's out of a cup with chopsticks. Saturday we started off the day with chocolate chip pancakes. Painted toe nails.

Then met some other girls at the skating rink for Cate's first time skating. She wasn't too sure at first but once she got started she didn't want to leave. I will probably need traction and lots of pain meds after over two hours of skating and a few tumbles. Poor Cate fell about a million times. Only once did it seem to really hurt but she may have a few bruises this week. Maybe I should send a note to her teacher so they don't suspect anything. I was pretty impressed with how well she did in the end. Afterwards she got ice cream. (Sweet tea for momma.) Then we were headed home. (Somewhere Cate got the idea that we were going to play tennis. Ugh. She had to settle for some driveway badminton.) Finally, I convinced her that we needed a break so we went in for leftover shrimp lo mein and watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl movie. Another good movie. Cate's in bed and I won't be far behind. We did the "girls night" dance a few times. It was a good weekend with my sweet girl.

Friday, September 4, 2009

We killed two birds with...

...two truck loads of stones.

Our deck has been a mess for a while. We would love to tear it down and start over but that's not happening any time soon. So we decided to clean it up and make a play area for the kids. Wes pressure washed the deck and stained/sealed it. He and his dad added some trim work to make it look neater and framed it in so we could fill it with rocks. The rocks were our birthday gift to Reed. You should have seen his face when I handed him a fist full of rocks and said happy birthday. The kids always played in the dirt under the deck and made a huge mess with it. Now it is the "Cave." We always wanted a tree house but don't have any good trees for that so the club house in under the deck. By the way, "No Adults Allowed!"