Friday, April 23, 2010

Team Bats got a Win!

Isn't this just a precious bunch of boys? They are so excited about playing ball.

Reed's showing me they got their first win.
21-12 against the Muckdogs. Don't you just love the names of the teams?

After the win, Reed was jumping up and down with his arms in the air saying,
"we won, we won our first game!"

Reed got the game ball signed by the coaches!
He hit two pitches and one off the tee.
And got a triple, scored a run, fielded well.
It was a proud moment. sniff sniff

Tuckered out, probably dreaming about the big game,
and yes he's sleeping with the ball.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's Go BA-ats! CLAP CLAP clap clap

Reed had his first ever real baseball game under the lights on Friday night.

He played Right Field with as much spunk as anyone could.
Lots of balls came his way and he really hustled to get to the ball and throw it in.

Reed's warming up on deck.

It's #9 Reed Thompson at bat. They pitched 3 to him and he missed. Then they brought out the T. You have 2 tries to hit off the T. He missed the first one. I'm biting my nails. He connected with the 2nd....he runs...gets a little tangled up with his bat...they throw him out at 1st. He handles it with grace. I'm so proud.

We lost 18-9.

But does it look like they are worried about it?

Watching your child play a sport can really be hard on the nerves. They were just adorable out there in their uniforms. Reed was grinning ear to ear. The coaches are so good to him. They make a point of telling him what he did well. They really seem to be a good fit for our first try at team sports.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Cate kept saying, "This is a really fun day."
We did have a lot of fun this Easter weekend.

We colored eggs on Friday.

On Saturday we went to the RSC Easter Carnival.

Our small group had a Painting Station set up for everyone.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance.

The kids filled their buckets at the egg hunt.

The night before Easter we made the Easter Story Cookies
and read the scripture.
On Sunday morning we opened the oven/tomb and here are the cookies.

The eggs we decorated were yummy for Easter dinner.