Friday, November 19, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my...

 One week ago today Reed lost his first tooth while at school.  It was a little unusual because he lost his top tooth before losing a bottom one.  The Tooth Fairy brought him a nice shiny silver dollar.

Today when I picked up Reed from school he had lost another tooth!
Now his top two middle teeth are missing.  It's so adorable.

As I look at my son and we celebrate losing his first teeth, my love for him just grows.  He's beautiful.  He's perfect.  He's just the way God made him.  Then I think about a place in Africa, where children who get their top teeth first, even if it's their permanent teeth, are labeled "mingi" or unclean.  If Reed had been born to one of these three tribes, this would be a death sentence.  He would either be thrown in the river to drown or left alone in the bush to die.  A ministry called Drawn From Water  rescues these children.  I can't imagine how this can happen but thought if I spread the word then we might be able to make a difference.