Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Pictures!

(We totally didn't expect new pictures!)

Weight about 20 lbs.) Wonder if I should get some 18 month clothes. I was thinking 12 month. What do you think?

She's in foster care. That can be a good thing because she is more likely to learn how to form attachments. It may make it more traumatic when she has to leave them. Often the foster family has such a hard time saying good-bye. Please pray for them. They have had her 8.5 months. These pictures may have been taken at the foster family's home. She looks so much more grown up in these pics that the last ones. That smile melts my heart and makes my eyes leak.

(In hindsight I deleted some info for privacy and to protect our agency.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Xin Means Happy

Meet Xin

Xin (pronounced Shin) is her middle name.
Xin means happy, joyful.
Doesn't she look happy in this picture?

She is developing normally.
Weighs 17.6 lbs and is 27.56 inches tall which is in the 3rd percentile, so she's tiny. Even though she is almost 16 months old, she's probably about the size of a 10-12 month old. Actually I know 12 month olds that are bigger than she is.
She has a good appetite. Primary food is milk-based formula and rice-based formula. Supplemental foods: noodles, rice, eggs, cakes, fruit, crackers, meat cake soup (yummy!)...
Favorite food: steamed eggs
Favorite activity: sitting in little car
Favorite toy: cell phone
(can't you just picture her sitting in the little car talking on the cell phone?)
She's a moderate sleeper.
("we may not all sleep but we will all be changed... 1 Cor. 15:51)
She crawls on hands and knees, walks holding onto handrail or with one hand held, uses thumbs & index fingers to pick things up, imitates words, responds to others, cooperative when getting dressed, active, restless, fond of imitating, fond of music, plays with toys, fond of singing, talkative, has a ready smile, gets along with others, quick to react, fairly extroverted, obstinate sometimes, and impatient sometimes.

In other words... SHE'S PERFECT!!!

Oops...I almost forgot to say that we have been calling her Mei Mei (pron. may may) which means little sister. We are still considering naming her Kimberly Mei Ling (pron. May Ling)

Oh, and we may get her July or August. Pray!

(In hindsight I deleted some info for privacy reasons and to protect our agency.)